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Cheerfulness of Swami Vishwananda

The stories of Krishna stealing butter have strong parallels with Swami Vishwananda. He steals the hearts of humans with his abundance of love and devotion, a perfect example of his teachings. His cheerfulness, jokes and humour were so very attractive when we first meet him in 1998.

His joy when experiencing snow for the first time, in the Swiss Alps, nearly made him a snowman with all his playful rolling around. As we went up Schilthorn mountain – which is over 2’000 m (over 6’300 ft) high, it began to snow. We were disappointed as we wanted Swami to enjoy the marvellous view of the other mountains, but Swami said, “Don’t worry.” As he said it, the sun came through and in no time the clouds sank deeper and deeper.

We also experienced Swami Vishwananda’s direct relationship with animals. A mountain bird stood close to him and hopped nearer and nearer up onto his outstretched hands.

While we were travelling, by car or by train, Swami always had a bhajan on his lips; exactly like Krishna and his flute. This always put us in a good mood.

In the kitchen the exuberance was never missing. We exchanged Indian and Swiss recipes, cooked together and also laughed a lot. I was always very touched, as Swami was always helping: with cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes and drying. He helped with everything. For him this was the most natural thing in the world! At the same time, we sang and laughed a lot.

Verena Leuzinger – Switzerland



Goddess Saraswati trained Swami Vishwananda

One day while were driving in the car with Swami Vishwananda, a very old tape with bhajans was playing.  At one point Swamiji said, “My God, I’m singing so badly there.” I asked him if he still remembered singing this song during his other life when the recording we were hearing was made. He replied, “Like I’m there now…” I told him that the poor quality of his voice was perhaps due to the historical recording techniques employed in those days, and not from his own poor vocal skills. He smiled, and told me that he had spent a lot of time with Goddess Saraswati to train his voice before coming down to Earth in this life.

Naamdev – Germany

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