About the book relating the experiences of Devotees of Swami Vishwananda

Spiritual guidance

Once, in France I asked Swamiji: “Why do some people eat meat?” Swami told me: “It does not matter what they eat but what they have in their heart. You don’t need to be vegetarian, it is more important what you have in your heart: your love, your devotion.

Swami Vishwananda gives us spiritual guidance. He told us “Find the trinity inside you.” At that time I saw the world in a dualistic way as this is wrong and that is right in the darmic way. Swami told me that things in life are not right or wrong, but that what you do always has its consequences. For some people it will be good and for other people it will be bad.

That was an important lesson I learnt from him: St. Senoch or St Pantaleimon, had as much faith and devotion towards Jesus and Mother Mary as a Hindu saint praying to Rama or Krishna. Both have unconditional love and total devotion.

One time I did not prepare for my exam.  I contacted Swami and said to him: “I am having difficulty with the upcoming exam.” Swami said, “Don’t worry I will help.” I took the exam and the result was very good.

When I began my degree, I said to him: “I need a two one.” He prayed to Mother Mary and then said to me: “Don’t worry you will get it.” I told him that I wanted to become a barrister. This was five years before I started the Barrister course (BVC course) and he said: “You will be able to be a barrister.”

Keep on trying

We were in India on holiday with our family. Our father asked if we wanted to go to Mauritius.  We decided that if we could get tickets to Mauritius during the time we wanted to go then we would go. If there were no tickets available then we would go to north India instead. Luckily, there were three seats available, so we went to Mauritius.

We drove a rental car to the ashram of Swami Vishwananda in Quatre-Bornes, and as we did not have the address of the ashram we could not find the place. Suddenly, I saw a friend that knew Swami and I asked him for the address.  He gave us directions and I asked this friend to come with us.
As we arrived at the ashram, Swami was outside watering the Tulsi plant.  He told us that for the past three days he was thinking of us and wanted to meet us.  It was through his grace that we arrived at the ashram.

We wanted to stay longer in Maruritius but we had gone to India with tickets that were valid for only forty days and that time was complete.  We tried to get the tickets extended but we failed. Swami said we would succeed in extending the tickets. We met some high officials from Air Mauritius but they said it was not possible, so we called Swami to tell him we were having difficulties.  He answered “keep on trying”.  We went to the office near closing time for one more time and this time the Air Mauritius staff did it free of charge and we could even choose the time of departure.

Nirmal – UK


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