About the book relating the experiences of Devotees of Swami Vishwananda


One time we were invited by Swamiji to visit his ashram in Mauritius. We saw and experienced many wonderful and enlightening things there. One day we visited the house he had grown up in and saw the bedroom he had occupied as a child. There were several rumours spreading around that his mother had used a vacuum cleaner to cope with the outpour of vibhuti, which would come out from even the walls. There were literally hundreds of statues pouring out vibhuti in every colour and several pictures crying oil.

In the ashram there was a bedside lamp which was designed in the shape of the holy family – Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. It had been in the ashram for a long time and no one had taken any real notice of it. However one day, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus started to cry oil. It didn’t really cause much of a stir around the ashram, as there were already several statues crying oil and this was just another of them. A plate was placed underneath the statue to collect the oil and to prevent it from flowing onto the desk. When the oil ceased to flow a few days later, I asked Swamiji what had happened. He said that someone had touched it carelessly. Swami made a little prayer. Next day the lamp started crying oil again.

On another occasion we set up a new altar on the ground floor of the ashram and the next morning we found that almost every statue and every picture were shedding vibhuti or oil. There was so much oil coming out of a life-size picture of Shirdi Sai Baba that it flowed out of the frame and spilled out all over the altar. I was standing in amazement before the altar which we had so innocently set up the previous day when Swamiji came up to me just looked at the new tablecloth which had begun to soak in the oil and started complaining. I said to him, “Swamiji, you’re not serious?!” All he said was, “Yes…yes, it’s all God’s grace.” He changed the tablecloth and the next day the Shirdi Baba picture was covered in vibhuti but was definitely better for the cloth! However there was a Shirdi Baba statue which was crying amrit (nectar), so much so that we had to keep placing larger plates underneath until finally the statues were sitting in bowls which were larger than the statues themselves. 

Naamdev – Germany



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