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“Change your hearts!” could have said Swami Vishwananda

 “What do we have to do?” the crowd asks John the Baptist in a film about Jesus Christ. And John answers with: “Change your hearts!” It is Swami Vishwananda who has helped me to understand what this change of heart needed to be for me. Several years ago someone phoned me to say that a young Swami would be visiting and asked if I would like to go and see him. ‘Oh no, I do not want anyone in orange in my life anymore,’ was my immediate reaction. For there comes a time that one realizes that, yes, we may need the help from a Teacher, but the actual change can be made only by ourselves. I had engaged in several spiritual groups with their Teachers and teachings; read many books; done various exercise-practices and engaged in service for the poor, the ill and the downtrodden for very many years. Now, finally, I felt the urgent need to be with my Divine Source, with the Self with a capital ‘S’. And so, my ’no’ seemed definite. However, the person who invited me to see the young Swami was persistent and frequently kept phoning me with the same invitation. Finally I agreed to go see him. When I saw Swami Vishwananda that first time, I liked his simplicity. As time passed, I got more and more familiar with his ‘just love’ approach to spirituality. This proved to be my ‘missing link’. Time in nature showed me non-duality: no good, no bad, just Existence. Then one day, tired from work, I sat down in my easy-chair to rest. Suddenly, I experienced this Divine state of non-duality deep within my own heart, a state of Pure Love. And when one experiences the true Divine Love, there is no good or bad, no ego or egotism and no greed nor clinging need. There is only giving and sharing when we experience this Love. The experience transformed my heart. Even though this transformation is an ‘all ready and go’ state, I am still working at consciously applying it at any given moment. I want to become like Swami Vishwananda who always loves purely and in whose heart and mind no thought arises except that of Divine Love. To be able to see and experience this was not an overnight happening. The realization took some time before the window opened to allow a better glimpse of who Swami Vishwananda in reality is, and who we all really are! And this, for me, is the greatest miracle.

Tarakeshwari – Netherlands


Goddess Saraswati trained Swami Vishwananda

One day while were driving in the car with Swami Vishwananda, a very old tape with bhajans was playing.  At one point Swamiji said, “My God, I’m singing so badly there.” I asked him if he still remembered singing this song during his other life when the recording we were hearing was made. He replied, “Like I’m there now…” I told him that the poor quality of his voice was perhaps due to the historical recording techniques employed in those days, and not from his own poor vocal skills. He smiled, and told me that he had spent a lot of time with Goddess Saraswati to train his voice before coming down to Earth in this life.

Naamdev – Germany

Back to the path of Christ with Swami Vishwananda

I met Swami Vishwananda in Mauritius in 1997. At that time I was repelled by the idea of following a guru because I had read some unfavourable experiences of people writing about such matters. When I tried to picture myself as the follower of a guru, I disliked the picture very much.

Swami Vishwananda taught me many things, among them, he showed me what it really means to follow a master, a true guru. At the time I was completely opposed to the word guru because I thought that it had a negative aspect and that society interprets the guru experience in a fanatical way. I thought that in our western society the guru was linked with danger, suspicion, manipulation and brainwashing. Thus I was very sceptical and I viewed Swami Vishwananda in a highly critical way. But in a most loving way, he guided me step-by-step until I realised a different understanding of a guru.

Swami Vishwananda lived at my home for some time and it was then that I opened my heart and began to appreciate the guru. He helped me develop a greater openness towards all religions. He clearly delineated for me that religion is based on love, tolerance, and the spirit of Christ. Since I have known Swamiji, my capacity to love and to forgive has expanded. I learned to forgive myself which, in turn, allows me to forgive others. I will always be grateful for Swami’s teaching and loving guidance. Swami Vishwananda has the greatest capacity to love I have witnessed in my life. He does not preach anything – HE IS! He is love, just love. His look, his way of acting, his presence, everything is continually reflecting love.

For ages I had been trying to find a remedy that would make it possible for my wife to walk again. He taught me to develop patience. He asked me to create a more positive attitude by watching my thoughts, words and actions. Swami said that by doing that, my long-cultivated negative thoughts and actions would not darken my life or the life of my closest relatives anymore. And he was right!

Swami helped me physically. Some years ago I had to have surgical treatment for an inguinal hernia, being fixed with plaques. During a recent doctor’s appointment I was told that I needed another operation. Swami Vishwananda told me to wait for three months before going ahead with the operation. Three months later I went to have an echography [test]. The doctor’s report indicated there was no need for a further operation. In addition, the doctor told me that there were no traces of the old treatment and not a trace of the plaques!

Thank you Swami. Thank you for helping me develop more tolerance and humility every day. Thank you, most of all, for showing me how to appreciate the silence where God can be found.

Paritosha – Pierre Bretaudeau – France

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A wealth of health through Swami Vishwananda

If you think that saints are depictions of people on stained glass windows, distant and quaintly irrelevant in the furious pace of the twenty-first century, then you have not met Swami Vishwananda. Since it is not every day you meet a saint, I was somewhat apprehensive about meeting him. I need not have worried.
At our meeting I found Swami Vishwananda to be warm, open and caring. I thought saints were supposed to be geriatrics but Swami is surprisingly young. We chatted briefly about a certain health condition of mine. After words of advice and wisdom he manifested a pendant with Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) on it. He advised me that wearing the pendant would give me a wealth of health. How he did manifest it, I don’t know. He seemed to pluck it out of the air because he sure did not have it up his short-sleeved shirt. I walked away from speaking with Swami Vishwananda feeling joyful and loved. Later at one of his darshans I met him again after standing in line for over an hour. Even though he had ministered to dozens of people before me, he still greeted me as warmly as if I had been the first person in line. Recognising me and his manifested pendant I wore, he spoke briefly and tenderly to me.
If I never see Swami again, at least I can die knowing that I met with someone exceedingly rare—a flesh-and-blood saint! I believe Swamiji’s greatest gift is his unconditional love. And for his Love that he gives freely and to everyone, I am eternally grateful!
W. – South Africa
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